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Concrete Expert Witness : Geoffrey Hichborn Sr., P.E. Concrete and cement forensic Engineer who properly investigates and authoritatively answers questions about the design, installation and performance of concrete, cement, reinforced steel and related materials of construction.  Assessment of  surface defects, distress or damage and its causation, whether related to earthquake, fire, flood, adverse environmental exposure, soil conditions, service,  maintenance issues, concrete surface defects, concrete moisture consulting, concrete damage and delaminations and reinforced steel failures.

Concrete Expert, Concrete Expert Witness, Concrete Litigation Support Services, Cement Expert, Concrete Defect, Concrete Damage, Concrete Delamination, Concrete Surface Defect Consultant,  Concrete Surface Defect Expert

Concrete Expert Witness Services, Investigations, Reports and Testimony.  Specializing in Concrete Failure Analysis.

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