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Chief Engineer | Lead Consultant
For Building Forensics International

With more than thirty years of construction materials testing and problem solving, Mr. Hichborn has performed a wide variety of laboratory and field evaluations for structural, architectural and coating materials, specializing in those containing hydraulic cements.  He is experienced in all aspects of an investigation, from planning the field investigations to determining sampling and testing protocols as well as tabulating and analyzing the results.  His investigations have included appropriate sampling and sample conditioning for effective and reliable laboratory testing of chemical, physical and optical (microscopic) properties of concrete and its separate ingredients addressing their effect on fresh and hardened concrete properties, with particular interest in durability.

Geoffrey Hichborn Sr., P.E.
Building Forensics International Concret
Geoffrey Hichborn is a Concrete Expert Witness, Concrete Failure Analyst and Lead Consultant for BFI - Building Forensics International
BFI - Building Forensics International -
BFI - Building Forensics International -

Additionally, he has devised and directed specialized tests and evaluations for research and development of new products and for solving complex field problems.  Concrete analysis includes residential infrastructure and public works, pre-cast, pre-stressed, cast-in-place and post-tensioned structural work and concrete moisture consulting.  Field investigations encompass exterior portland cement (wall) plaster and swimming pool plaster, concrete pipe, gunite, concrete masonry units (CMU or 'block',) mortar and grout.  Other investigations involve concrete flatwork, plain and architectural concrete, debonding of coatings, concrete pumping problems and recommendations for appropriate repair procedures.  Mr. Hichborn is experienced in structural inspection and testing for commercial and industrial construction and for quality assurance of civil works, both public and private.

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