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Moisture Dome Testing

August 2000


- Concrete Moisture Consultants, Geoffrey Hichborn and Kenneth Bondy, experts in the field, conducted an extensive 16 month experiment to determine the accuracy of calcium chloride moisture dome tests. They concluded that the moisture dome test results are in no way correlated to concrete permeability or vapor migration into residential spaces, therefore discounting the validity of the moisture dome tests. Calcium chloride moisture dome tests have been deemed “Junk Science.”

Junk Science In Sulfate Attack Case

​Concrete Monthly February 2006

- SANTA ANA, Calif.--In his judgement entered March 28, Judge David C. Velasquez, of the Orange County Superior Court, said the plaintiffs' allegations did not stand up to scientific scrutiny. The full text of the release is an available

Concrete Wins!

The Concrete Producer January 2007

- Concrete Producer magazine publishes a feature article about the dropping of all appeals to the       Castron v. Fieldstone sulfate based construction defect case.

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