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Services include analysis of strength, thickness, drainage slopes and construction tolerances of pavements and flatwork, concrete moisture consultanting and remediation.  Direct and perform field condition surveys for both recently constructed and existing distressed/damaged concrete structures. Evaluations of parking structures, industrial, and airfield pavements for portland cement concrete and of asphaltic cement concrete.


Propose, supervise and report results of various testing programs to characterize the effects of mix proportions, ingredients and steam curing on strength development over time, for ready-mix, masonry block, precasting and pre-stressed concrete operations.


Analyses includes evaluation of design intent, nature of distress, effect of site environment and service use on concrete, properties and type(s) of ingredient materials, and other factors as appropriate.

Expert Witness 

Serves as a concrete expert witness in cases involving all manner  of distressed concrete in public, commercial, industrial and residential construction; infrastructure including related materials and installation standards of construction.

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